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Ololiuqui/Morning Glory Seeds


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These rare seeds are related to Morning Glories, and come from Oaxaca, Mexico where they are cherished for their place in Shamanic history. Now, though, this beautiful plant is a great addition to any garden, and the beautiful white flowers are a constant reminder of the historical significance of these gorgeous plants.

This prized plant provides only 1-2 seeds per flower, unlike Morning Glories that drop thousands of seeds per plant. But it’s easy to grow, it’s a fast-growing “viney” plant, and loves water and sunlight. It will quickly fill a windowsill.  It’s well worth the effort for any spiritual explorer wanting an exotic addition to their garden.

To maximize germination rates, these rare Rivea Corymbosa (Ololiuqui) seeds are untreated; they’re never sprayed with poisons or harsh chemicals of any kind.

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