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Berry Blow Pop Fryd Extract

Berry Blow pop is inspired by the berry blow pop strain. This flavor is sweet and fruity. This is expected as it is similar with the strain it’s made from. The berry blow pop is one of the initial liquid diamond flavors released by us at fryd extracts. It is an indica flavor and is loved especially for it’s sweet taste

Appearance & Packaging of fryd Extract

The berry blow pop disposables come in a multicolor packaging that is blue mixed with purple. The outside packaging is standard fryd extracts packaging with the logo at the center and the flavor name at the bottom.

Effects of Fryd Extracts

The effects of our berry blow pop are quite similar to that of our many other liquid diamond flavors. They include:

  • Slows processing and reaction time
  • It makes you giggly and happy
  • It inspires creativity
  • It makes you nauseous and dizzy

Benefits of fryd extracts

The benefits of our fryd extracts include:

  • It is good with patients suffering from insomnia due to it’s sedative effects.
  • It is good for creatives as it inspires creativity and rapid thinking
  • It puts you in a state of joy and happiness.

Where to buy Fryd Extracts Online

Due to the fast growing demand for our fryd extracts, A Lot of plugs on social media sites such as instagram and telegram now claim to sell our disposables. Please most of these are fake and just out to scam people of their money. If you are looking to purchase a fryd disposable then visit one of our partner dispensary or place your order online on our website


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