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B+ Magic Mushrooms


Similar in effect to the reputable and well-known Golden Teachers, the B+ shroom is an excellent choice for beginners, but in higher dosages, it is known to give one of the warmest visual and spiritual trips.


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B+ Magic Mushrooms is a great product that offers a profound and transformative psychedelic experience. With their distinct appearance and moderate to high potency, these mushrooms, scientifically known as Psilocybe cubensis B+, captivate users seeking a journey into expanded consciousness. Featuring broad, bell-shaped caps in caramel to light brown hues, B+ Shroom Strain is visually stunning.

When consumed, they unlock the doors to a realm of heightened perception, visual enhancements, and introspective exploration. Users often report various effects, from euphoria and enhanced creativity to profound self-reflection and personal growth.

Cultivated with care, ensure optimal potency and quality. However, responsible use, adherence to safety guidelines, and a suitable environment are essential for a safe and meaningful journey. Discover the magic of and embark on a transformative exploration of the mind.

What is the psilocybin mushroom?

p. cubensis is the best-known psilocybin mushroom. Their status is established because e.g. cubensis amazonian are widely distributed and very easy to cultivate. Growing is more accessible, fun, and easier than ever!

Are B+ mushrooms good for you?

B+ mushrooms have effects similar to those of other P. cubensis strains, including euphoria, spiritual experiences, hallucinations, and a general feeling of warmth and well-being. Many people who use golden mammoth mushroom describe the experience as relaxing, saying it was easier to relax and let the experience unfold than with other strains.


B+ Shroom Strain possesses several notable features contributing to their popularity and allure. Here are some of their key features:

  1. Potency
  2. Visual Appearance
  3. Cultivation
  4. Effects
  5. Availability
  6. Legal Status

It’s crucial to approach the consumption of B+ Mushrooms responsibly and with respect. Being well-informed, creating a supportive environment, and practicing harm-reduction strategies are essential for a safe and meaningful psychedelic experience.

Why should we use B+ Magic Mushrooms?

There are several reasons why individuals may choose to use B+ Magic Mushrooms:

Psychedelic Experience: B+ Magic Mushrooms offer a profound and transformative psychedelic experience. They can induce altered states of consciousness, visual and auditory enhancements, and introspective journeys. Many users report gaining new perspectives, insights, and personal growth through their experiences with these purple mystic mushroom.

Spiritual and Therapeutic Potential: They are believed to facilitate spiritual exploration, enhance creativity, and promote introspection. Some individuals may find therapeutic benefits such as increased self-awareness, emotional healing, and personal growth.

Natural and Holistic Approach: A natural, plant-based psychedelic substance. These golden halo mushroom offer a realistic option for those seeking alternative or holistic approaches to exploring consciousness and expanding their mind.

It is important to note that B+ Magic Mushrooms For Online should be approached responsibly, carefully considering set (mindset), setting, and dosage. Ensuring a safe environment, being well-informed, and practicing harm reduction strategies are crucial for a positive and meaningful experience.

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14 grams, 28 grams

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  1. celine aya

    Alvarado (Verified Purchase)

    They weren’t bad but they just wouldn’t stop it was almost like I was on lcd but then again I took 4 grams. If you want a strain with no waves this is the strain for you.

  2. celine aya

    Jac Rivers (Verified Purchase)

    Awesome delivery, Love you guys

  3. celine aya

    Frank Abbott (Verified Purchase)

    First of all, thanks for a great service, mushroomslegacy has been easy to use, and order went through without any issues.

    I took about 1.7grams to test these out, they are a very friendly mushroom, i landed on a pretty nice level 2 experience, good body buzz, soft visuals, music sounded great, clouds and sunset were awesome! lights and water reflections were sweet, a very happy experience, happy to recommend, will probably go for 2-2.5g on my next B+, which i anticipate should be a strong level2 dipping into level3 for me. If you’re taking mushrooms for the first time, this would be a good one to go with.

  4. celine aya

    Alec Lyons (Verified Purchase)

    I have being searching for this particular mushroom am glad i found you guy and it taste good.

  5. celine aya

    Ivy Cantrell (Verified Purchase)

    I haven’t done shrooms for about 15 yrs, so I thought I would get some “lower grade” shrooms for a party of the old boys getting together. we just did what we used to..took about 2 grams each, chewed them up and buzzed for about 6 hrs…spacey, laughy and hilarious…is what I can say. But it does feel a little less intense than I remember….good shrooms!!!

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