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Information on the peyote cactus et cetera. The primary focus of the Lophophora Fricii Seeds Blog is small Mexican cactus species like Lophophora (peyote), Obregonia (artichoke cactus), AcharagmaAriocarpus (living rock), and Strombocactus but occasionally other subjects will be dealt with as well. Welcome to the Lophoforum and happy growing.

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Lophophora Fricii Seeds For Sale

Lophophora Fricii Seeds (also known as False Peyote) is a cactus in the Lophophora genus. It is high in Pellotine and Anhalonidine and low in Mescaline.

Seedlings grow most rapidly when retained in a sealed terrarium environment, germinated in surface sand trays covered with plastic wrap with several small pin-sized spots in the plastic wrap. It may seem strange for a cactus, but Lophophora seedlings are adapted to germinate and grow during the seasonal monsoons.

In cultivation, Lophophora williamsii varieties do best in a fast-draining, mineral-based soil with about two-thirds sand. Abundant water is helpful in the summer months when temperatures exceed 90°F (32°C) and is exposed to full sunlight for maximum growth. Still, it must be allowed to dry out completely between waterings. Buy Peyote Cactus for sale.

Today, “growing peyote cactus” is illegal to grow and possess as per the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. According to the government, peyote is a Schedule I drug, marking it as one of the most dangerous plants known to society.

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